Whenever you want to step into a better version of yourself, you will have to move through fear. “Get Comfortable Being In The Uncomfortable To Get Results!”

People want an M.B.A. = (Massive Bank Account), However they are clueless on how to create wealth and be R.I.C.H =

June 19, 2015Even When you think

Even when you think you’re sitting on top of the world, remember there is always a higher point to climb to. Today make this a day you transform to become better. Say This To Yourself now: I will be better!  I will feel better ! I will look better ! I will do better! When you stop being skeptical, you ... Read More

Anything with GOD is possible. Remember, we’re not supposed to be here…….however, God knows your heart, so do right with the little that you have and He will give you plenty. Now, It’s Your Move……Make it GREAT!

Retirement is NOT about age IT’S ABOUT income…..just thought I’d clear that up. Carry on! 🙂

June 22, 2015Know Every Mile

It is worth every challenge you go through to get to the final results. Stay the course, success WILL Happen!

Let’s set the record straight, if you want to build a business that retires you from your JOB, expect to spend thousands of dollars on tools, education, and travel; expect to spend countless hours reading; expect to sit through hundreds of hours worth of trainings/conference calls.Expect to set appointments that people will NOT show up to; expect people to quit ... Read More

June 25, 2015

The Military taught me alot of character building traits. One was to never accept excuses. Excuses will get people killed. Period. It is amazing what you can get accomplished once you adopt that mindset. Whatever you need to do, whatever needs to be done, JUST GET IT DONE….Period. No excuses. You will be amazed at what opportunities will CONTINUALLY arise ... Read More

Everyone feels warm and fuzzy around Valentine’s Day. That consists of business owners, a number of whom use the opportunity to put a wholehearted spin on their e-mail marketing interactions. You probably got emails previously this month from businesses and organizations running promos tied to Valentine’s Day. Others may just have sent out a colorful, light-hearted welcoming as a way ... Read More