Find A Way

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At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether you are able to take care of your family and pay the bills. Follow your heart. Take care of your family. No need to hold onto things just to make someone else feel good. Pride will keep you broke. Humility and a clear focus will allow you to see … Read More

Midweek Check Point Get It Done!

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Question: What have you done this week that will help you get you closer to your goal???? Many people think of “Hump” Wednesdays in terms of getting closer to the weekend. But those who are striving to reach their Lifestyle/Legacy goals see Wednesday as a “CheckPoint”. A period of the week to do a quick “Status Check”. You are ultimately … Read More

I know its hard on your faith these days

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I know its hard on your faith these days, cause the TV will have you believe the the everything is falling apart and is spiraling out of control….And that all is lost…..And that YOU have lost…But we as Children of the MOST HIGH GOD have the upper hand always if we would just remember this. Our God is Sovereign. He … Read More

How Precious Are You?

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How Precious And Valuable you think you are? So precious that Our God sacrificed His only Son so that we may be redeemed back to Him. Never, EVER allow the enemy to have you devalue your life, purpose, and existence. You were created for a reason and a purpose. when you align your ways with God, your life will begin to blossom … Read More